My Top 4 Marilyn Monroe Movies

1. Bus Stop (1956) 

kafa - bus stop 2.jpg

This hillbilly love story follows rodeo cowboy, Bo (Don Murray) and showgirl Cherie (Marilyn Monroe) as Bo performs an ungentlemanly attempt to make Cherie his wife. The narrative focuses on the physicality of love, lust and attraction as we watch Bo hurl himself around like a pubescent country boy with the desperate need of a lady’s attention. He demands to marry Cherie — regardless of her wishes. Cherie is forced to decipher whether she should actually wed this stud who is embarrassingly obsessed with her, when she finds herself stuck with Bo and his uncle at a bus stop because of a blizzard. This is possibly Marilyn Monroe’s greatest performance. Her accent cannot be faulted, she is sweet, charismatic and the dynamic between herself and Bo makes both performances unforgettable.


2. Some Like It Hot (1959)


Comedy masterpiece. Remade from a 1955 German movie, Some Like it Hot is whimsical, expansive and entertaining. Jerry (Jack Lemmon) and Joe (Tony Curtis) cross-dress their way into an all-female jazz band when they find themselves on the run from deadly gangsters. Wilder, unknowingly (this is 1950s Hollywood, lets remind ourselves) has explored the notion of gender roles — considerably through Jerry/Daphne, who’s frivolous character brings up the issue of sexuality and touches upon Americas consensus towards the subject. Although Curtis and Lemmon’s characters complete this movie, Marilyn Monroe still shines bright alongside them.


3. Niagara (1953)


Henry Hathaway’s technicolour film noir explores jealousy, lust and murder. Niagara contrasts two couples; honeymooners Polly (Jean Peters) and Ray Cutler (Casey Adams) with an unhappily-wed Rose (Marilyn Monroe) and her husband George Loomis (Joseph Cotton), during their stay at a resort at the Niagara Falls. Outbursts of animosity and obsession towards his wife express Georges mental instability, however, his behaviour is somewhat justified when Polly catches Rose cheating. Monroe is often seen dressed in desirable red and pink dresses, walking in a haze and being up to no good. However, it seems the truest beauty within this film is the Niagara falls, with its majestic and stormy aesthetic – beautiful but dangerous.


4. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)


Va-va-voom. That’s literally all that comes to mind when I think about Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. On the contrary, I believe that actual, real gentlemen, don’t use hair colour as a preference to who they find attractive – I am possibly wrong. Definitely an entertaining watch on the surface, however, the film does rely on stereotypes and cliches; pretty blonde likes shiny things and rich men, rich man likes pretty blonde and will buy her shiny things. Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) and Dorothy (Jane Russell) find themselves on a boat trip to Paris where Lorelei intends to bag herself a millionaire. They are sly and seductive, while the camera focuses on the men drooling, you as an audience are able to watch the Male Gaze gaze.  A 1950’s Hollywood aesthetic, plus musical elements, PLUS Marilyn’s charm – what more does one want?

Cross them all off your list…



Why ‘Before the Flood’ is the Most Important Documentary You Will Watch in 2016


So, I saw this incredible documentary at its European premier last month at the BFI London Film Festival and Mr. DiCaprio was there (eek!).

It’s a must see for everyone – emphasis on everyone. There is no target audience. As long as you’re old enough to understand that our planet is beautiful and us human beings will collectively be the result of its demise (unless we pull our socks up) then you must watch it.

So this film, essentially, is to encourage us self-obsessed, materialistic, capitalism-loving homo sapiens to step it up and protect our home. Thats the most pivotal thing to remember – earth is our home.

The documentary follows Leonardo DiCaprio around the world as he observes the effects of climate change, how these tragedies are the result of capitalism and how they can be avoided. Unfortunately, so much damage has been done already that it cannot be reversed, however, we CAN prevent further destruction.

Just like Cowspiracy which DiCaprio produced, this documentary is full of beautiful frames of nature and delivers knowledge on how our actions are affecting the planet. It will terrify you, make you feel guilty for all the things you should have been doing so far to save our environment and (hopefully) encourage you from here on out to make a change.

It is entirely ludicrous to suggest that climate change is a conspiracy and if you have not yet been convinced, then Leo will convince. He guides us around the world to some of the most magical and delightful of places to look at. These images are contrasted with not so lovely ones. The destruction of forests due to palm oil, melting polar ice caps and distressed animals who’s homes have been burned to the ground.


DiCaprio engages in interviews with a variety of the worlds most influential people, such as Barack Obama and Pope Francis. Making them aware of the situation and expressing the need for change. Before the Flood also features a glimpse of his time while filming The Revenant – the location of the final shoot had to be altered due to – guess what – global warming. The snow melted away (and it really shouldn’t have) so Alejandro G. Iñárritu marched down to the South Pole with a pissed of Tom Hardy and Leo chanting “I TOLD YOU ALL”.

It’s incredible watching a man who has such a huge spectrum of audiences use his status to educate and motivate society, but this film will also show you how Leo is just a humble man who adores animals and is fascinated by nature.

To conclude; have shorter showers, recycle, DON’T purchase anything with palm oil, become vegetarian, or even vegan – just do something. Lets look after our home, look after our animals and look after ourselves.

Before the Flood is available to watch online for free and Cowspiracy is available on Netflix. There’s no excuse – go go go!