Feature-Length Screenplay by Rudy Martinez and Charles Meagher

A socially awkward oddball and hapless mechanic has designs on putting his infatuation with serial killers into practice, but to succeed, he’ll have to overcome the fact that nothing he does ever seems to go right.

Title: Cereal Killer

Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller

Sure, Derwin Smalls is a bit of an outcast . . . a hapless oddball, socially awkward, and flailing as a mechanic in a second-rate cereal factory . . . but with a little luck, he might just make it as a serial killer! Crossing the line from fascination to an actual intent to kill is made less daunting by a daily existence that regularly pushes our peculiar protagonist to the brink. The real question is how, or for that matter if, one can possibly hope to succeed in such a nefarious endeavor when things never go their way.

A Coen Brothers-style mix of comedy and drama, complete with a richly eccentric lead, a procession of curious characters and unusual events, and an undeniably dark premise.

This screenplay is completed and has been registered with The Writer’s Guild of America. It has been submitted into select competitions as well. We are also presently seeking representation, and will happily provide a hardcopy of the screenplay upon request to appropriate agencies, organizations, etc. To request more information or a copy of the screenplay, please contact Rudy and/or Charlie directly via email.

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