Feature-Length Screenplay by Charles Meagher

Turned zombie after the great zombie uprising has been put down is rotten luck, but for a couple of best buds, road tripping through the deep South with a documentary crew in tow just might be living their best (zombie) life.

Title: Zombros

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

Jake and Weston do everything together, including accidentally being bitten while watching a zombie round up in their northeastern city. The war is over and humans have prevailed, reducing zombie life to living in a walled compound and working the most menial jobs under constant guard. So when the opportunity to slip their captivity presents itself, the boys take to the road with visions of paradise in Florida. But how can a pair of novice zombies, in post-zombie times, possibly hope to make it there?

An irreverent, slapstick, zombie, buddy, road trip, comedy that pokes at the deep South, as well the human condition, especially as it applies to aspiration, association, and acceptance.

This screenplay is completed and has been registered with The Writer’s Guild of America. It has been submitted into select competitions as well. We are also presently seeking representation, and will happily provide a hardcopy of the screenplay upon request to appropriate agencies, organizations, etc. To request more information or a copy of the screenplay, please contact Charlie directly via email.

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