movie misfits

Just a couple of quasi-regular guys with borderline movie addictions, trying to crash the party. 


Blogging movies and movie stuff we like, don't like, and especially what we can't agree about.


Podcasting about writing screenplays and exploring the creative process with special guests.


Watching movies and sharing unsolicited opinions, when we really should be working instead.


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Marching On

It may be way too early to talk sequel, but that’s exactly what the Misfits do anyway, sharing their favorite movie sequels as a lead in to talking about next steps with the first screenplay, in this final episode to season one of the podcast.

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Release the Krakken

The Misfits draw on a favorite movie moment, as well as examples where the critics got it wrong, ahead of discussing the trials and tribulations of sending the first screenplay out into the world, and having feedback returned from screenplay competitions.

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Why Ask Why

Notable movies with unanswered questions have the Movie Misfits questioning everything, from what’s in the unopened box in Cast Away, to why two guys had the audacity to think they could write screenplays.




“How do I get an invite to your first movie premiere?”