I’m woefully behind on my movie reviews… there are least a half-dozen movies I’ve watched and wanted to review before this one, but haven’t gotten around to doing so. That said, this one simply couldn’t wait, and my biggest regret is that Netflix doesn’t give me a forum to let the world know what an utter piece of crap this is! In case you can’t tell, I really wanted to give this movie a zero rating, but I did manage to watch it all the way through, so I have to leave  room for  movies like Unhinged, that were so goddamn awful that I refused to keep watching, and refuse to even waste time reviewing. This movie, on the other hand, had an interesting and decidedly dark comedic premise, that for the first hour or so they actually did a pretty good job of setting up. Unfortunately, the second half of this movie is one of the most poorly constructed/written pieces of garbage I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. I’m not opposed to cheering for a bad person in a movie, especially in a dark comedy… but give me some kind of reason! A single redeeming quality, they’re amusing, or wickedly endearing… something. Don’t carve out a soulless, vile, abusive, empty shell of a human being (and Pike’s performance is very good), and then ask me to root for them. That’s insulting, but also I suppose somewhat fitting in the back half of a story with too many story flaws and errors to count. Basically, the last hour is so ridiculous that you end up hating yourself for sticking with it. 

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