It’s no secret that Hollywood will make more sequels than necessary, and then make one or two more (did we really need Jason Vorhees in space? Really?). But sometimes a movie comes along that is so good you sit there as the credits roll wondering what happened when Will got to California. So here’s a little list of a few movies that beg for more.

Good Will Hunting

Son of a bitch stole my line. Then he fades into some highway heading west. What happens when he gets to California? Does he stop and pick up a bag of caramel before knocking on Skylar’s door? Do they have kids and live happily ever after, or does his love of the Pats and Tom Brady lead to a horrible divorce when she realizes he loves too much douchery? Does he get a job at the JPL? Does he lead a migrant farm worker revolt? I NEED TO KNOW!

The Usual Suspects

Keyser Söze ain’t dead at the end of the flick so… what the hell is he doing now? Does officer Kujan make it his life’s endeavor to track down and capture the man he had in his grasp?! Does his life spiral out of control as he self-destructs trying, but always coming up oh-so-close-but-not-close-enough to actually capture Keyser?

This Is Spinal Tap

I want to see some 70-something year olds touring for one last time. A goodbye cash grab of old men in too tight jeans, bad hair plugs, falling asleep on stage not because of drugs or alcohol, but because they were ready for bed at 7:30, dammit! What? The Rolling Stones have already done all of this? Oh. Well then, nevermind.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

E.T. goes home and we wanted to go with him. Does E.T. have a real name on his planet? Is he some sort of interplanetary telemarketer? Was the whole trip to earth a bad space acid trip that actually happened in E.T.’s mind? I need to know!

(Almost) Every John Hughes Movie

I want to see Duckie with a smoking hot, amazing wife and wonderful kids while Andie and Blane end up in divorce court fighting over the mobile home they got stuck in when Blane got Andie hooked on smack. I want to see Bender mentoring at risk youths while relishing his life as a domesticated man and co-owner of Big Bri’s BBQ House, which he own’s, of course, with Brian Johnson hisself. I want to see Allison and Claire being badass super lawyers who have to save Big Bri’s BBQ House from the evil land developer Andrew trying to shut them down to build condos. I always hated Andrew. And I really want to see Jake Ryan taking care of Samantha and the kids while she fights for her life against cancer. Of course she lives, c’mon!

What movie are you wishing had a sequel?

Rudy Martinez

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  1. Scott Williams

    Again, another great list. I don’t know if this movie should have a sequel, though I would pay to see it, but dammit, what happened after the final scene in Inception?

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