If you like a slow burn, you are in the wrong place because here are some favorite movies that waste no time grabbing your attention.


If you’ve seen UP you’re probably already getting choked up thinking about the beginning of this movie. It stands as one of the greatest openings in cinematic history. If you haven’t seen UP you’re probably thinking, it’s just a cartoon. Understandable as that may be, any of us who have watched will tell you ohmygodwatchitalready! There is no hearts string left untouched, not emotion not felt, no tears left to cry.

Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Thus begins a story that has ingrained itself into our collective psyche like few other things. Words crawled up the big screen – we actually had to read in a movie – and it effected everything. It told the story before the story that unfolds after and we were totally cool with it because the music, oh my god that music. As the last words scroll away we pan down to a planet and space and stars and a spaceship being chased by an even bigger spaceship as they shoot it out. And this is before we’ve even met a single droid, or seen a light saber, or met the goddess that is Carrie Fisher. That is movie magic.

A Clockwork Orange

Four droogs, a milk bar, and a little of the ultra-violence five more droogs, the ol’ in / out, more ultra-violence. There is so much what the actual f*ck in the first few minutes you either have the yarbles to stick around or your don’t. This one is a Misfit favorite.


Speaking of what the actual… a god with a drawn on mustache welcomes us to his story before we are carried away to the year 2239 and weird dudes on horses, a floating god head telling us the penis is evil and vomiting guns, oh, and Sean Connery in an orange bikini. And this is all before the credits even roll.


We have Flight on this list as a bit of a one off. It keeps with the idea that you do not want to miss the first few minutes. BUT (isn’t there always a but?) you can pretty much skip the rest of the movie. Seriously, just go ahead and go. The fun part is over.

What movies grab you before you’ve had a chance to get too comfy in your seat?

Rudy Martinez

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