Even though I’m not entirely sure anybody ever reads these, I’m like the dick judge at the Olympics who resists ever giving a perfect score because I want to leave room for something better, no matter how remote the possibility. So congrats to this French film getting my 4.9-star rating. Not for the uptight or easily butthurt, you do need to be someone who can see absurdity in religious dogma to appreciate this brilliant irreverent comedy, with a bit of a Wes Anderson vibe, that also manages to be touching and sweet. Best of all, it has incredible depth, but rather than forcing that upon the viewer, lets you decide how much you want to consider the larger message versus just being amused and entertained. In short, this film made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions and also found me getting a little misty-eyed a couple of times (allergies, prolly). I consider each of those an accomplishment. Deliver both, and you immediately become one of my favorites.  

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