On the night in question, I chose this movie thinking that watching Dev Patel’s “particular set of skills” might be more interesting and original than seeing Liam Neeson rehashing his set for the umpteenth time in The Ice Road. Dev’s performance did not disappoint, and the movie itself is perfectly enjoyable. But only after you accept that you’re actually watching a drama. The action “skill set” was barely employed, and the real crime taking place in this movie was committed by whoever categorized it as a mystery and thriller. Even with the intended neo-noir styling taken into account, everything in the story itself feels dialed-back from what it could/should have been. There’s a lot to look at and admire, including the performances, but when all is said and done this is a case of the whole falling short of the sum of its parts. Worthwhile, not wonderful.

Liam, you’re up.  

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