It’s been fun watching the online reaction to WW84. There doesn’t seem to be any middle of the road reactions to it; people either seem to love it, or they think it was awful. I am in the former camp. Growing up in the 80s, this hit my sentimental sweet spot. More than that though, the allegory seemed more than a little prescient. A narcissist who grants wishes in return for something greater. The same narcissist inciting and relishing in mayhem. In hindsight it may have even been a little too on the nose. Sure, the CGI was… well, what the hell was that cat thing Kristen Wiig was supposed to be anyway? Shortcomings aside, this was a big, fun movie. I found myself wanting to head to a theater to watch it BIG. If it ever gets re-released post pandemic I will be first in line.

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