Denzel and Raimi. I was so excited for this movie. Then I watched it and, well, I was sad. Not because the movie tugged on my emotions, but because the movie did pretty much nothing. I suppose boredom could be considered an emotion. That is precisely what this movie was – boring. And, dear reader, if there is anything I believe in it is that, whatever you do in this life, do not be boring.

The movie feels like it is setting up to be a slow burn with some twists and a payoff. The problem is that the twists are obvious and the one time you think ‘here comes the payoff’ you end up with… nothing. I don’t want to spoil anything in case you decide to watch it, but I will say there is a moment in a California desert that starts to remind the viewer of other movies that take you to a similar place and leave your jaw on the floor. Only, this time there is no tension, no “holy shit, what’s about to happen?!?!” because NOTHING actually happens.

I am sad because a movie with two of my favorite actors did absolutely nothing with them.

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