Short Film Saturday!
I plan on spending the next few Saturdays celebrating the 2020 Short Film Oscar Nominees just in time to get ready for the list of 2021 nominees. It’s going to be a thing. You’ll love it. First up is a Belgian short called Une Soeur (A Sister).

A woman in a car with a man calls “her sister” to check on her kid. We soon learn that it’s not her sister, but an emergency dispatch (911) she’s called. The rest of the movie is a nerve-racking ride that we hope ends safely for our victim. I will not tell you how it ends.

I will tell you that I love this little flick. Written and directed by Delphine Girard, this movie is story telling pared down to its most important elements. The call and the drive is interwoven with flashbacks to earlier in the night to fill in the information we lack at the beginning. All of this serves to build to a crescendo that leaves the viewer hoping/praying for the best, but fearing the worst.

This was better than most feature length films I have watched in a long time.

At this time the only place to watch this movie is on Starz ($5 a month is worth just this movie) or in a theater.

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