As this site continues to grow you are going to learn that there are a handful of actors who, if they are in a thing, I absolutely will watch that thing. Carey Mulligan and Lilly James are two such actors. To have them both in this adorable little nugget of a film was a bit of movie heaven for me.

Edith Pretty (Mulligan) is a widow and single mother in Suffolk as England is on the cusp of WWII in 1939. She hires excavator Basil Brown, played by the inimitable Ralph Fiennes, to dig up the massive mounds on her property. And then there is her son, Robert (Archie Barnes) with his big imagination and inquisitive spirit who will, I promise, steal your heart. That is where we begin.

Where do we go from there?  Into the earth, across the sea, and into the deepest parts of space, even heaven itself. You will feel things. You will laugh. You will be glad you made a some time for this sweet little film.


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