First off, I’m a fan of Korean cinema. I’ve gotten to the point that when I see a new action/mystery/thriller/crime flick from there appear on the streaming circuit, I get hopeful and excited. Because when they resist the urge to add a silly and/or over-the-top character as they often do,  Korean movies can absolutely kick ass. 2016’s Train to Busan is a shining example of that. So is 2010’s I Saw the Devil.  Now you can add 2020’s The Call (Kol) to the list. There’s an underlying wickedness and some gory surprises, sure, but this is not an edge-of-your-seat, frenetic pace, grab the chair arm or the person next to you type thriller, rather a mind-bender that finds you (or at least me) thoroughly engrossed in what’s transpiring. while at the same  time applauding the brilliant concept and storytelling, as you wind through its continuing developments and revelations. It’s classic cat-and-mouse pulled off inventively and deftly, and that rare kind of movie where upon finishing, you (or at least me) immediately start looking forward to watching it again at some later date (after you’ve had the chance to savor it a bit) in order to pick up on any subtleties and nuances you may have missed.

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