Entertaining. Enjoyable. Unremarkable. Need I say more? Really? You guys are killing me. But OK… think Spaniards doing their own version of Con Air, but over frozen ground (and thankfully without their version of Nicholas Cage, if they have one). It’s not a perfect movie by any means, and the story hits icy patches at times (see what I did there?), but the acting and directing are solid and the film does a good job of building a sense of foreboding from the start, and then keeping you engaged enough to wonder where it’s going and what’s happening next. Apparantly it was a small budget film, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like one, though at the same time you know you’re not watching a big ticket blockbuster either. It’s not going to blow you away  and make you want to go tell all your friends, but for what it is, it does it well, and is worth a watch when  you’re in the mood for some on-screen mayhem. Entertaining. Enjoyable. Unremarkable. Like I said at the start, geez.

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